Top 1% Email Campaigns. Unparalleled Deliverability and Full A/B Testing => 10x Conversions

Reach Every Ideal Prospect In Every Ideal Location… Is Email Marketing The New Way Forward?

If you’re a business owner (or frankly… just someone who’s “active” online) you know it full well:

Making a ‘Genuine’ connection with your audience can seem like an uphill battle.

Every single day…

We’re bombarded with content from every direction –› from the 25-second reels to the never-ending promotional emails thrown at us from every angle.

…Making it increasingly harder to do what was once considered the norm → to cut through the noise.

In the ‘not-so-distant’ era (before we all started living through our screens!)…

Grabbing people’s attention was no sweat.

Because everyone had trust in things they saw.

(Why else do you see everyone in the 60’s reading a newspaper while waiting for the next train?!)


With the rise of short form content, including…

↳ Instagram Reels → where a story unfolds in mere seconds, captivating or losing interest in the blink of an eye…

↳ YouTube Shorts → the new playground for quick, engaging narratives, where creators have a minute or less to hook their audience

↳ TikTok → the “powerhouse” of viral trends

↳ Snapchat Stories and

↳ Twitter Fleets

…the game has evolved (radically).

It’s no longer about just ‘getting eyeballs’ to your product or service…

…it’s about seizing attention, holding it (with a tight grip) – and MAKING IT COUNT!

So, let’s give you a moment of full disclosure:

❌↳Does email marketing work as it used to? (No, and Google’s new policy definitely makes everything easier! 🙄)

❌↳Do paid social media ads work as they used to? Not even close (people skip right through them!).

❌↳ Do billboards work as they used to? (did they even work ‘back in the day’? Genuine question… help us out if you know 🤔)

❌↳ Are TV commercials as effective? (Think again – DVRs and streaming services are turning ‘prime time’ → into ‘skip time.’)

❌↳ How about radio ads? (Let’s be real – with podcasts and streaming music, traditional radio’s voice is fading into the background.)

❌↳ Cold calling? (Do people even answer unknown numbers nowadays? Spoiler: They don’t.)

❌↳ Trade shows and networking events? (Effective, but can you measure the ROI accurately?)

❌↳ SEO and content marketing? (Yes, but with a caveat – it’s a long game, and the rules keep changing.)


The purpose to say all of this isn’t to “Let the cat out of the bag” or to “rain on your parade.”

…it’s to bring something far more important to your attention.

Something that you (yourself) may not have realised all this time…

Marketing your product or service has NEVER been tougher…

Would you agree?

It’s something everyone seems to be whining about:

🗣️ “SEO isn’t effective … anymore!”

🗣️ “Social media is just a time-sink … it doesn’t bring real business!”

🗣️ “Influencer marketing is overhyped … and doesn’t convert!”

🗣️ “Content marketing takes too long to see results … it’s not worth it!”

🗣️ “Video marketing is too complicated and expensive … it’s not feasible for small businesses!”

🗣️ “Affiliate marketing is saturated … there’s no room for new players!”

True story → Just the other day, an email landed in our inbox from a real estate agency owner.

Their words were striking, “We’ve thrown in the towel on social media… it just doesn’t seem to bring landlords to the negotiation table…”

It was a candid admission and a clear sign of their frustration.

But let’s step back a little bit and rewind…

…get “Back to the Basics.”

(and reach the bottom of this).

There have always been tactics that (if executed properly) work.

Every time, at every attempt, without fail.

The ‘father of advertising’ – sometimes referred to as David Mackenzie

(Actually wait – may have got that backwards 🤔)…

…in a famous saying of his, that’s remembered till this day (and NEVER get’s old) said:

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” ~ David Mackenzie

And that ‘interesting factor’ has never been more needed than in the marketing world today.

All of those forms of marketing problems outlined earlier can be resolved.


Advertisers and businesses paying more attention to the “interesting factor” in their marketing efforts.


Making their content more

…engaging (like this very website copy!)

…thought-provoking (like a profound TED Talk that stays with you long after it’s over)

…resonating (like the chorus of a song that echoes in your mind throughout the day.)

…relatable. (like a conversation with an old friend, familiar and comforting.)

That’s where the magic of targeted, effective email marketing comes into play.

(Which is •by far• one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products to a mass list of your target audience).

And that’s exactly what we’re here to offer → a service that not only reaches your audience but resonates with them.


Think about it:

When was the last time you received an email that made you pause, read through, and actually respond?

Chances are, it’s been a while…

…a week, a month, or maybe even an entire 365 day year.

(And let’s not get started on those leap years – as if an extra day is going to help us sort through our inboxes any faster! 😅)

Let’s face the truth: Most emails end up lost in the territory of the ‘Promotions’ tab, or worse, flagged as spam.

Inside truth: rookie email marketers (who know f••• all about emailing), occasionally have their emails completely lost…

…not in the promotions tab, not in the spam – but absolutely no where to be seen!

(They are completely lost. Google doesn’t even let them pro)

But what if your emails could be the exception to the rule?

What if you could promote your services and products in the local area (or worldwide) in a way that’s not only risk-free, but…

↳ Helps you become known in front of your target customers.

↳ Helps you sell (ETHICALLY) to a mass number of people.

↳ Helps you build a (cringe-free) relationship with your ideal market.

↳ Boosts your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

↳ Amplifies your reach exponentially, beyond your immediate circle.

↳ Engages customers with personalised content.

↳ Fosters a sense of community around your brand.

↳ Allows for creative storytelling that brings your brand’s narrative to life.

Here’s the deal…

That right there ^ isn’t easy. It comes with quite a few boxes that NEED TO BE TICKED:

✅↳ You have to take all the steps to make sure your emails don’t end up reaching only 5 out of the 2000 people you contact (while the remaining 1995 emails are chillin’ in spam!)

→ This means you have to read through every email 10 times to make sure no spam words are included; spend 4 hours fumbling around with your DNS records; spend hours in webinars to get equipped with knowledge on what triggers spam filters; learn about the sweet spot of sending limits; beware of the “nightmare” surrounding IP blacklisting… (and the 100 other things that are part of this endless learning process).

✅↳ You have to make sure your emails are interesting… and not thrown straight into the trash folder 🗑️.

→ This means you have to write content that’s directly targing your prospects’ pain points, and MASTER the art of copywriting.

✅↳ You have to A/B test your email content to see what’s working… and what’s not.

✅↳ Work day in and day out to set yourself apart from your hundreds of competitors (they’re working just as hard, and just as smart!)

✅↳ Regularly clean and update your email list to maintain high deliverability and engagement rates.

→ Scrubbing your list of inactive subscribers, correcting typos in email addresses, and keeping your database fresh is crucial. An outdated or bloated list can drastically affect your campaign’s effectiveness.

✅↳ Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

→ You must be adept at interpreting email metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates.

✅↳ Keep up with the latest trends and best practices in email marketing.

→ What worked last year might not work this year. Hate to say it – but email marketing is a constantly evolving field, and staying ahead means being a lifelong learner.

✅↳ Balance promotional content with value-driven content.

→ Not every email should be a sales pitch. Provide value through informative, educational, or entertaining content. This builds a relationship with your audience, so when you do send a promotional message, it’s received in a context of ongoing value.

✅↳ Prepare for the unexpected and have contingency plans.

→ Things don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s a technical glitch or a less-than-stellar campaign response, having a plan B (and even a plan C) is crucial.

Overwhelming? It’s not

(I’ve just put my ‘motivational speaker hat’ on)

Take all of these steps, and you’ll be cashin’ in an extra 10x of your revenue…

(Seriously, that’s all it takes. Not bluffing)

But… on the 0.01% side that you DON’T want to put in all of that work (definitely not being sarcastic)…

…and want to explore a brand new stream of

✅↳ Client onboardings (new customers)

✅↳ Enhanced Customer Engagement (and Retention)

✅↳ Strategic Partnership Opportunities

✅↳ Advanced Analytics and Insights

✅↳ Innovation and Adaptation

…you should leave it to the best…

The •TRUE• Experts!

Whether that’s us (the best in the biz) or another (competent) agency you bump into after a ‘Marathon of a hunt…’

But how do WE do it? It’s not rocket science…

We dive deep into the psyche of your audience.

We understand their needs, their pains, their desires.

And we speak directly to them.

Not as faceless consumers but as real people with real challenges…

…and then, we craft messages that are more than mere words.

They’re bridges… bridges that connect your brand’s values to your audience’s needs.

Emails that don’t just inform but inspire action.

The result? Engagement levels that shoot through the roof. Click-through rates that defy industry standards. And a brand-customer relationship built on trust and genuine connection.

But, all of that is useless…

…if your emails are going into spam. Luckily for our clients – this is never a problem.

Average open rates = 20%

Our average open rates = 70%

This means, you’ll be reaching an •extra 50%• of prospects with us.


A few recent client-wins:

↳ Helped a local gym business add an extra $5k to their monthly revenue through targeted emails… sent to ideal prospects in the local area ~ (January)

↳ Brought in an extra $40k for a leading wholesale solar panel provider in South Africa booking them 10 meetings – they ended up closing 3. (September)

↳ Helped a SaaS company gain an extra 700 LinkedIn followers – and dozens of new prospective leads – from one email campaign providing insights on industry trends. (March)


If you are on the 0.01% side of people that aren’t willing to put in that work discussed above…

…and don’t have the time to flush out hours of your time towards mastering the ‘art of email marketing’

…schedule you call with our team, and we’ll see •IF• we can help.

Speak soon!

Maxtrenza Team


P.S. Made it this far? That’s the power of our copywriting speaking for itself, isn’t it?


Our Email Outreach ‘Prowess’ Extends…

Hyper-targeted Lead Lists ↓

Imagine having a goldmine of leads tailored just for you.

(That's what our Custom Lead List Generation offers).

We don't just find leads –› we find YOUR leads.

Through meticulous research and industry insights – in additional to a high-end software we have purchased – (after trying out many that weren’t up to the mark)…

…we build a list so relevant, it's like they were waiting for your email.

Alright, maybe not exactly - but you get the point.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all list – it is a bespoke suit, tailored to fit your business perfectly.

Our clients often tell us, "These leads feel like they were made for us." That's because they are.

With our Custom Lead List Generation, your outreach isn't just targeted… it's “precision-targeted”.

Ultra-Personalised Outreach: Where Every Lead Feels Like an Old Friend ↓

Curious, have you ever received an outreach message that made you think:

"Do I know this person?"

(We assume so)

^ And that, in a nutshell, is the level of personalisation we aim for.

Every lead is unique, and so should be your approach.

We dive deep into understanding your leads, crafting messages that speak directly to them, their needs, and their desires.

This isn't just personalization –› it's personalization per lead, at scale.

Clients rave about the responses they get, often saying, "They replied as if we were old friends."

And that's the power of personalizing each lead.

In fact, when we occasionally look at the software analytics on some of the campaigns we run…

…no joke, we often see people re-clicking to read our email for the fifteenth or so time.

It makes them feel like they’d be missing out if they didn’t pull the trigger…

…and builds a sense of FOMO (the feeling of missing out).

So – ready to transform your email outreach from generic to genuinely engaging? Let's make every lead feel like the only lead.

Advanced Email Analytics Reporting ↓

In a sea of emails, how do you know yours are hitting the mark?

Simple. Advanced Analytics.

Sending emails only – and leaving them to do their work – is for newbies.

We send them, track them, analyze them…

…and then tell you EXACTLY what's working and what isn’t.

It's like having a GPS for your email campaigns, guiding you towards your destination:

Maximum Engagement.

Our clients get beyond numbers –› They get insights.

Like the time we identified an overlooked metric that turned a struggling campaign into a lead-generating machine.

Advanced Analytics isn't merely part of our service… it's our promise to make every email count.

A/B Testing Mastery

Wondered why some emails flop and others flourish?

(It's all in the A/B testing).

Yes, that simple switch from 'A' to 'B' can turn your outreach from 'meh' to 'wow'...

...because not all audiences are created equal.

(And neither should your emails be.)

A/B testing isn't just something that’ll help you gain insight into what email copy get’s the best “open rates”…

…it's essential for a host of reasons – including spam word detection, deliverability, engagement and many other factors that can make or break an email campaign’s success.

It's the compass guiding your campaign to treasure island…

Where 'X' marks the spot of Maximum Engagement.

Clients who've embraced A/B testing don't just see better open rates...

...they're crafting emails that feel like personal letters – not just blasts.

So, are you testing? Or are you guessing?

Start treating each campaign like a science experiment. The results?

Well, they might just surprise you.

The Proof is In The Pudding! (This is Routine for us…)

Before Collaboration
After Collaboration

Pricing as 'Tailored' as The Emails We'll Send On Your Behalf!

Starter Outreach Package

One-Time Kickstart for New Campaigns
£1099 £ 699 99
Custom Email Campaign Development (Value: £450).
Lead Generation & Contact (Value: £300)
Performance Analysis (Value: £150)
One Revision Cycle (Value: £100)
Limitless Communication (Value: Priceless)

Total Valuation: £1000

Our Monthly Price: £700 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

Growth Outreach Package

Monthly Engagement for Sustained Growth (30 days)
£2300 £ 1450 99
2 comprehensive email campaigns per month to engage and nurture leads. (Value: £600)
Identification and outreach to 250 leads per month, using tailored messaging to spark interest and drive conversions. (Value: £800)
Testing different subject lines and content to optimize engagement rates across campaigns. (Value: £300)
Advanced analysis on campaign performance, including engagement metrics and recommendations for improvement. (Value: £400)
Continuous optimization of email copy and strategy throughout the month. (Value: £200)

Total Valuation: £2300

Our Monthly Price: £1450 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

Premium Outreach Solution

Comprehensive Strategy for Maximum Impact (30 days)
£3500 £ 2600 99
Development of a strategic email marketing plan including 4 targeted campaigns per month. (Value: £850)
Advanced targeting and contacting of up to 500 leads per month, with segmentation for personalized messaging. (Value: £799)
In-depth A/B Testing and Optimization: Comprehensive testing of campaign elements to maximize engagement and conversion rates. (Value: £500)
Full Analytics Suite: In-depth reporting on key performance indicators, with actionable insights and strategic recommendations for future campaigns. (Value: £600)
Dedicated Account Manager: Direct access to an email marketing expert for ongoing support and campaign management. (Value: £1,000)

Total Valuation: £3750

Our Monthly Price: $2600 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

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