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What Sets Our Copywriters Apart (completely) from 95% of All Copywriters?

Let’s address the gorilla in the room…

…i.e. The (main) problem with Most Content Today.

(And to be completely honest: we had this problem ourselves when we started out!)

You’ve seen it before:

–› Pages filled with fluff and waffle that barely raise an eyebrow – let alone convince. (ughhh)

–› Copy that drones on, losing your interest before you’ve even reached the ‘Good Part.’ (wrongly considered by most writers to be the “CTA”)

–› Clichéd phrases that make your eyes roll 🙄 (You know, the ones that are so overused, they lose all meaning).

–› Jargon-heavy sentences that need a dictionary by their side – Serious questions: who talks like that?.

–› Endless paragraphs that seem to go on forever… and ever… and ever..

–› Calls-to-action so weak…frankly, they couldn’t motivate a napping cat. 😴

–› A tone so “bland” – to put it bluntly! – it’s like reading a user manual for a toaster.

It’s everywhere. On every:

–› Landing page

–› Product description

–› Email campaign

–› Social media post

–› Article

…and everything in between.

(Content that blends in well with your grandma’s wallpaper).

The main issue? The (primary) mistake?

Most writers fail to understand their target audience in the way they should…

In other words…

What will make the target audience:

– Think. “Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for!” 

– Feel. A connection that’s deeper than just words on a screen. 

(…as if they’re chatting with a good friend over coffee ☕).

– Act. Click that ‘buy now’ button without a second thought. 

(No one resists an offer that feels tailor-made for them.)

– Share. Excitedly tell their friends about your brand. (Word-of-mouth is still the best marketing – statistics don’t lie! 🗣️)

And these are just some of the “surface-scraping” factors…

…that create an ‘easily identifiable’ distinction between:

↳  Great copy (that builds a unique sense of rapport with a reader) with

↳  Bad content (that just “tells” –› doesn’t show jack about the provided value and nor does it target the pain points of ideal target customers)…

You’ll notice I didn’t use the word “copy” for the latter point. 


Frankly, there’s too much saturation with content out there…

…and, from experience, we can confidently let the cat out of the bag with this confession: 

The vast majority of this “content” was promoted to customers (like yourself) as “kick-ass copy” — while it was, in fact, normal content.

We always tell our clients, and those that learn from our copywriting masterclass: “Don’t make this mistake” (to our clients) “Don’t fool others with this mistake” (to our students.

The simple truth is → most content today misses the mark… by a mile! 

It’s like they’re speaking a different language – certainly not one that resonates with 


❌Your business, and, most importantly, not even


To compound the problem even more, 

It’s not even just about the words…

…it’s about the:

→ Connection… 

→ Engagement… HOOKING attention from the first word to the last.

→ Impact… Leaving a ‘lasting impression.’ 

→ Insight… Offering a fresh perspective. 

→ Authenticity… Crafting a voice that’s genuine and true to your brand 

(none of the exaggerating bull—t that puts every second reader back to browsing!)

These ^ are just a few of the points that most copywriters completely overlook…

And – not to put any disrespect on their name, but:

Copy that (truly) sells is only learned through one thing:

(this ‘one thing’ may sound like an old-school term, but it’s reality!)







Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

…and wrong.

It’s none of those. 

(Seriously, it isn’t).

Try guessing what it actually is.

(And we’ll try to guess what’s in your mind).

Adaptability? (certainly important and a good guess – but we aren’t “chameleons”)

Strategic Thinking? (this isn’t a baseball match)

Technical Skills? (this is copywriting – not web dev)

Storytelling Techniques (kick-ass copy doesn’t require “Roald Dalph-like” vocabulary)

Just so you know → all ^ of these points are still necessary to build overtime.

But they aren’t the #1 requirement needed to produce copy that really connects with your ideal audience.

So, let’s break the ice:

That #1 aspect is EXPERIENCE —› in other words, having been in the trenches for dozens of companies…

…and knowing (like the back of your hand) what *actually* works in different industries — and when appealing to different audiences.

→ Using Simple Yet Powerful Language

→ Understanding the Audience 

→ Crafting Compelling Narratives

→ Keeping things concise and punchy

→ Showing. Not telling.

→ Putting the focus on the customer. Not the product/service.

(that’s to scrape the surface of what good copy requires 🥱)


And here’s Where Maxtrenza Changes the Game…

At Maxtrenza, we believe in more than just ‘writing content’.

–We craft experiences (for your audience).

–We build relationships. 

–We solve (real) problems that your audience has

Our secret ingredient?


👉 We listen.

👉 We engage.

👉 We understand.

That’s “The Maxtrenza Difference”…

Every business has a 

–› Story. 

–› A pain point. 

–› A unique challenge.

–› A Dream 

–› A Voice 

–› A Goal 

—› etc. etc.

And your content needs to speak directly to that.

(So much so that if someone reads the first paragraph on your website — instantly, they should get a decent level of understanding on what you guys offer – and what sets you apart from the crowd).

That’s precisely what we ensure to do.

In addition to, of course…

→ Understanding Your Customers’ Pain Points.

(Our process begins with understanding).

At the end of the day, your business isn’t just another client.

It’s a world of its own—with its own challenges, audience, and goals.

We dive deep into what makes your business tick…

…Into the heart of your brand and uncovering the nuances that make you unique.

Whether it’s diving into market complexities or honing in on your customer’s deepest needs, we’re there.

Our Copywriting ‘Prowess’ Extends…

LinkedIn Growth ↓

Picture this: You're scrolling through LinkedIn, eyes glazed over from the sea of same-old pitches and profiles.

It's like everyone's singing from the same hymn sheet. Boring… right?

Then, bam. A profile hits you.

It's different → It talks to you, not at you. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

This isn’t luck. It’s craft. (Craft honed by us).

We're not just about sprucing up LinkedIn profiles and crafting posts…

…we're in the business of making you stand out.

With our copywriting service, we dive deep into what makes your industry tick and tailor content that doesn't just sit there.

↳ It engages.
↳ It resonates.
↳ It gets your calendar buzzing.

Because let's be real for a sec: in a world of carbon copies, being the “original” is what gets you noticed. (And that's exactly what we do).

Non-"yawn-worthy" Website Copy ↓

Ever wondered why some websites turn visitors into buyers like magic? 🤔

(full disclosure: it's not rocket science).

Simple words, powerful impact...

...crafted to hit right where it matters.

In the last month alone, we turned the tables for a client, boosting their conversion rate by 700%.

No kidding → once you understand the power of copywriting (and that no one bothers reading through “boring”-written content nowadays) rewriting your website copy into something that is:

–› easy to digest
–› using “jargon-free” language
–› written to touch prospects’s pain points
–› (truly) resonating with target audiences

…will present unlimited upside.

It will (at the bare minimum):

→ Boost your site's engagement because your words will feel like a chat with a friend (It's like your site is having a coffee with them ☕)

→ Skyrocket conversions by speaking directly to their needs (Imagine your website saying exactly what they need to hear 🎯)

→ Increase time spent on your site as visitors won't get lost in a sea of text (They'll stick around like they found their favorite spot on the couch 🛋️)

→ Make your brand memorable because simple language sticks in the brain better (They'll remember you like their favorite song 🎶)

→ Build trust with your audience by being clear and straightforward (No hidden meanings, just straight talk 🤝)

→ Encourage more shares and mentions on social media (because who doesn't share something that made sense to them instantly? 🚀)

So, when's the last time you checked your website's pulse? 💔

Are you another one of those business owners who spends thousands of dollars on advertising your business…

…but forget the most important part of what leads to conversions?

(I.e. the copy on your website).

If so, let’s flip the script – let’s take the pain that comes with boring (completely outdated for today’s time) out…

With revamped website copy that speaks DIRECTLY to your customers.

If this sounds like an interest to YOU, reach out to us via email - or fill in the “Get a Free Estimate” section of our website.

We look forward to helping you.

General Copywriting | Articles, Blog posts, Whitepapers and Product Descriptions ↓

Words have power. Your content? Even more.

Imagine blog posts, articles, and emails that not only draw readers in…

…but glue their eyes to the page from start to finish.

(That's what we deliver. Every. Single. Time).

Each piece is crafted with a blend of simplicity, engagement, and that 'just can't stop reading' quality.

Our “secret sauce”? A unique knack for creating conversion-driven content that turns readers into fans —› and fans into customers.

The cherry on top? Every word is SEO-optimised, ensuring your message isn't just heard, but found. Easily, every time.

Scroll-Stopping Sales–Copy Magic ↓

Most online content makes you scroll faster than a kid chasing an ice cream truck? 😴

Well, we've cracked the code to stop the scroll. (That rhymed well)

And it's not by chasing you with an ice cream truck!

We're talking emails that get opened, Facebook ads that get clicked, social media captions that get read, and product descriptions that... well, sell products.

Our secret = write content so engaging, your eyes will forget they can move.

Think we're exaggerating?

Ask our client who saw a jaw-dropping 800% increase in sales. Yes, you read that right. 800%.

And those emails we write for out email marketing-service clients? They're not just getting opened –› they're booking appointments (in real time!).

8-10 new appointments every single month, to be precise. Sometimes even weekly.

So, what's our content's secret ingredient? It's simple, really. We focus on conversion-driven writing that's anything but yawn-worthy.

Ready to make your content stick like glue? Let's chat.

A Pricing Structure as 'Custom' as The Copy We'll Craft For Ya!

LinkedIn Growth

Engagement-focused Content Plan + Copywriting (30 days)
£1099 £ 699 99
Full 30 day content plan + promotional posts (Value: £600)
Profile Revamp | More Leads (Value: £550)
LinkedIn Networking Guide (Value: £350)
Custom Hashtag Research (Value: £250)

Total Valuation: £1750

Our Monthly Price: £700 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

Website Copy Revamp

Conversion-focused, down-to-earth website copy | Book more appointments
£3999 £ 2999 99
Website Content Makeover (Value: £2550)
SEO Optimization Suite (Value: £1000)
Dynamic CTA Crafting & Analysis (Value: £500)
Tailored, Non-AI Copy Production (Value: £1200)
Competitor Copy Breakdown (Value: £700)

Total Valuation: £5950

Our Monthly Price: £3000 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

Articles | Blog Posts | Product descriptions | Emails |Other

Engagement-focused Content Plan + Copywriting (30 days)
£5000 £ $3499 99
5 SEO-optimised articles each month (Valuation: £899)
10 Monthly Emails with A/B Testing (Valuation: £1700)
Product Description Package (10 Products) (Valuation: £800)
Bi-weekly Blog Posts (Valuation: £600)
Comprehensive CTA Optimization (Valuation: £350)

Total Valuation: £4349

Our Monthly Price: £3499 (Cancel at any time)
Last few spots remaining for the month, before we stop accepting new clients (inquire at the earliest).

Next Steps… To Begin The Process

two options: book a call or request a quote

(Or maybe there is a third option → simply leave your website copy, LinkedIn profile, blog page, or social media to rust as it has been and continue as another “scroll past” for all your target customers).

Book in a call with the A team

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Imagine words that don't just sit there. Our service crafts copy that acts like a magnet. It pulls in your audience and doesn't let go. From website content to persuasive email campaigns — we've got the magic touch that turns words into results.

A: It's simple. Great copy equals great engagement. We're talking about words that spark interest, nurture trust, and drive actions. Whether it's boosting sales or building your brand, our copy is the key that unlocks your business's potential.

A: Absolutely. Our team is a melting pot of talent, seasoned in a variety of industries. We dive deep into your world, emerging with insights and language that resonate with your specific audience. Think of us as chameleons, adept at adapting to your unique landscape.

A: Success for us is seeing your goals met. Be it increased traffic, higher conversion rates, or more engagement — we track these metrics like hawks. Plus, we fine-tune our strategies based on data, ensuring that our copy always hits the mark.

A: We blend art with science. Our copy isn't just creatively compelling; it's backed by solid SEO and market research. It's a dual force: captivating your audience while satisfying the algorithms. This is where creativity meets strategy, and where your message truly shines.

A: Patience is a virtue, but so is efficiency. While instant magic is rare, our clients often see notable improvements in engagement and conversions within weeks. We set the stage, and the results follow suit – steadily and surely.

A: Big dreams need big words. Our team is equipped and eager to handle large-scale projects. Think of us as your word wizards, ready to conjure up vast volumes of copy that captivate and convert, no matter the size of the challenge. From sprawling website revamps to extensive ad campaigns, we've got the bandwidth and the brilliance.

A: It's all about stepping into their shoes. We research, we listen, we understand. By getting to the heart of your audience's desires and pain points, our copy speaks to them directly. It's like a friendly chat, but one that subtly steers them towards your goals.

A: Collaboration is our middle name. Your insights are invaluable — after all, no one knows your business like you do. We welcome your thoughts and blend them with our expertise to create copy that truly reflects your brand's voice and vision.

A: Quality is our cornerstone. Every piece of copy is sculpted by skilled hands, then polished through rigorous editing and proofreading. We're perfectionists at heart, and it shows in the clarity, creativity, and precision of our work.

Let's Create a New Success-story – together, side by side. Get your free estimate today, and embark on a journey with infinite upsides!

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