Best Writing Tool for Freelance Writers 2022!

Regardless of the amount of information an article comprises, if it hasn’t got the cohesion and coherence it requires in order for the article to read well, it won’t be a piece that will be liked by the client it is delivered to. This is why I, along with many other professional writers, recommend using writing tools.

Not only do writing tools enormously help those that aren’t well-versed in grammar, spelling and other technical aspects of writing, but they give writers a laid-back experience while the work is scanned for errors in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Some writing tools go one step further and help to rephrase sentences in order to make them read better too!

As someone who has advocated using online writing tools for many years now, I suggest using Grammarly as an extension first and foremost. It is by far the best writing tool I have used and one that – quite frankly – I can’t write without; so much so that I’m using it now, too, to check this work that you are reading!

It helps tremendously in ensuring the quality of writing in terms of the overall grammar as well as the wording used is top-notch. As a plus, it gives suggestions on synonyms for words too. That feature, however, is only accessible to Grammarly premium users – which is a subscription youcan pay $15 per month for or $12 per month if you buy the yearly package.

Quite honestly, as someone who has reached the stage of charging quite a decent amount per article – and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world now – I can say for sure that Grammarly is my secret recipe!

In addition to suggesting corrections for mistakes related to SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation), it also has a feature that allows users to check their work for plagiarism – which detects if your work has any part copied from the billions of web pages published online. The plagiarism-detection feature, in particular, is very helpful and, in a sense, quite cost-effective as well, for it allows you to have both features (grammar checking as well as plagiarism checking) in one subscription, which is quite unusual for an online extension that costs only $12-15 per month.

So, if you are a writer who is currently in the stage of developing his/her writing career, I highly recommend equipping yourself with the Grammarly premium extension; it will be worth it — trust me! 

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